Longevity of a Nirvana Heat Pump: A Practical Example

In the life of a pool owner, there are questions that come up often: “Will my investment last? ”, “How can I ensure optimal performance?” ” Today, I would like to share with you an example that perfectly illustrates the sustainability and importance of maintaining a pool heat pump.

The Resistance of a Nirvana Heat Pump

For those who are wondering about the longevity of a Nirvana heat pump (formerly labeled TDM and proudly made in Quebec), here is a case that could enlighten you. Take a look at these images: they show a Nirvana heat pump that has braved the weather and the elements. Despite the years, it is still functional.

The Importance of Water Balance and Copper Exchanger

This case also raises a crucial point: the importance of balancing water. The copper heat exchanger, a key component of this heat pump, is an eloquent example. By maintaining an adequate chemical balance in the water, the heat exchanger can last for many years and continue to operate effectively.

The Right Power for a Shaded Pool

A customer recently told me that his 100,000 BTU heat pump did not seem sufficient to heat his 22x40 pool located in a shaded area. This is where understanding the specific needs related to your pool environment comes in. A pool in the shade will have different requirements than a pool in full sun, and it is important to choose a heat pump that can compensate for these factors.


This case shows us that quality and proper maintenance can greatly influence the durability of a heat pump. Nirvana offers an example of longevity in the world of heat pumps, ensuring that your pool remains a place to relax and enjoy for years to come. If you have questions about the needs of your pool or how to extend the life of your equipment, do not hesitate to ask a professional for advice.