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Water loss

Check if there is  water which runs close to the equipment. If so, these leaks must be corrected before going further.

If the swimming pool still loses water, contacts to us to schedule an appointment and run the on/off test.

Q: One asks me to make a test ON/OFF, but what is this?

D: A test ON/OFF is used to isolate part of the swimming pool to facilitate the leak detection.

Here how to proceed:

  • First of all, adjust the water level in the center of the skimmer.
  • close the pump of the swimming pool a few minutes in order to avoid any waves, then using a rule stick on the edge or make a line with the pencil lead, note the water level and the hour precisely to the 1/8 of inch or 2 millimetres near)
  • Run the pump then note how much you will have lost water of 24 hours.
  • Go up initial water on the level, then make the testagain, but this time with the pump off..
  • Contact to us to tell the result.

Q: What happen if it rains?

D: The test must be made under conditions similar in order not to distort the result. However, it is possible but difficult to be precise by measuring rainwater in a separate container then to make calculation of it, we do not recommend this method.

Q: Why do I have to make the test with that much precision?

D: This test enables us, using the differential, to determine before even going to your residence, if the leak comes from the succion pipings (skimmer and bottom drain), if it comes from the pressure piping (return of water, filters, backwash, jet, water-heater, etc), or if it comes from the basin (liner, crack, skimmer, staircase, lights). That will also enable us to send the most adequate technicians for this type of problem and also to avoid making tests on device which are not defective; the less test to make, the less you will have to pay!

Q: But if the leak is under-ground, how do you locate it and to repair, we will have to dig all around the pool?

D: Not! We will carry out a test of pressure in the plumbing concerned to check the sealing of it, then with the assistance ultra sensitive listening device, we will listen to the ground to determine, often in a radius of 15 centimeters or 6 inches, the place or the pipe is broken. Repair is generally carried out by a tunnel under the pavement or a small square hole in the pavement. We close after then the hole in the pavement with concrete or better, an esthetic plastic lid in order to forget that there was a repair.

Q: What are you doing if the leak came from the bassin, I already inspected my liner and the whole swimming pool without anything to see?

D: We initially inspect visually at startegic placesc in order to detect the leak, however this fast method only brings very succes. We performn an electronic inspection using specialized and sophisticated device. Here is a video of the manufacturer.

leak trac

once the located leak, we carry out repair either in remplacemnt of the joints or defective parts, or by repairing the liner with adhesive and vinyl parts or hot welding of the liner.

Q: This work are they covered by my home insurance?
A: Some repairs may be covered under the terms of your contract and the cause of failure. However, in many cases, the cost of repair is often less than your franchise!
Q: I'm pretty good handyman but I can not find the leak, then I do the work myself after your diagnosis?

A: Of course! we offer this service to other companies of services competitor!

Q: What occurs if I waits or I do not repair?

A: there could be severe problems of corrosions of the pool wall, crumbling of the concrete under the liner and cause thousands of holes caused by the loose concrete under the liner. Wasting of water, chemicals and heat.

Q: Summer end,can I wait to spring to carry out these repairs?

D: Perhaps not. If the leak come from the pipes, there will be no problem. If the leak came from the basin, the swimming pool will loose water during the winter and it could miss water to support the ice. If the ice don’t float anymore, it could result in seriously damage the liner. Worse , the ice in the swimming pool is best the way to protecting it from the side movements cause by the freezing of the ground, resulting the walls of the swimming pool could go towards the interior and cause thousands of dollars of damage.

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