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Pool opening

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At Piscine Aide, we offer a complete and customized service and customize.
Opening with complete, partial or no cleaning partial or no cleaning.
Using our powerful equipment, we quickly aspire large debris. . 

Our qualified technicians will take care of your pool to ensuring the good condition of your installation.

  • reconnect plumbing.
  • reinstallation of your equipment.
  • reconnectionsalt system, water heater, trampoline, etc..
  • checking the status of the equipment.
  • water analysis.
  • application of the opening shock treatments and products.
  • brushing walls.
  • cleaning of water line
  • basic cleaning or ready to swim (optional).
  • system startsalt (optional).
  • removal and storage of winter cover.
  • Opportunity to fully drain the pool for cleaning .(some cases ).


Closing pool


Our experienced technicians will make sure to prepare your pool for the winter.
We also have in place a rigorous system to avoid any mistake can lead to a break in the winter.r.

Our work is GUARANTEED

Here some of the stages of closure.

  • Lowering the water level
  • Draining the pipes.
  • Draining the filtration system
  • Store accessories.
  • Draining the water heater
  • remove lumi-o type stair (for aditionnal cost).
  • Etc.


Weekly maintenance and vacation service

TEST EAU For those who expect to be away for part of the summer, this service includes:
  • Cleaning of the bottom and walls
  • Verification of the filtration system (backwash, leaks, etc.)
  • Analysis of the water
  • Addition of the required products (supplied by the client or by us)
  • Cleaning of waterline rings
  • General visual inspection and production of a detailed report


Pool renovations

  Piscine Aide also carries out complete renovations for in-ground pools, including the following
  • Walkway
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Restoration of the walls
  • Installation of lights
  • Much more… …


  Piscine Aide can also repair your pool, including the following
  • Sale and repair of pumps and filters
  • Changing the sand in the filtration system
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Removal of folds in the liner
  • Replacement of the skimmer
  • Repair of concrete pools
  • Stripping of concrete pools and repainting using epoxy, acrylic or chlorinated rubber

Sale and installation of water heater

   At Piscine Aide, we strive to give you advice and install your water heater in the rules of art

Sale and installation of salt system


At Piscine Aide, we advise you on the choice of a salt system.

We will offer you the information and education necessary to fully enjoy the addition of the salt system and avoid pitfalls and problem sometimes associated with the system

Sale and replacement liner pool

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  • We sale and install replacement liner for your inground pool.
  • Every liner are custom for perfect fit
  • Why don’t replace stair or install lightning in your pool at the same time?
  • We perform the estimate or quote for your insurance
  • Our work is guaranteed for up to five years and our liner are guaranteed up to 25 years depending on the model chosen.
  • We offer liners from , Latham, premier, aquafab, the vinyl work, imperial, hyghbury pool, Trévi, etc...

Insurance quote

  Your pool was damaged during the winter?
Contact Piscine Aide, some of this damage could be covered by your insurance company. We will make an assessment, for your claim file.
Do not forget to add the amendment to protect your pool with your insurance company!
It is not automatically covered!


Inspection pool (pre-purchase)

  You're ready to buy a new home?
You inspect your property to avoid future surprises, what about the pool?
It could cause you major surprises and the building inspector does not make the inspection.
At Piscine Aide, we are have the ability to perform a complete inspection of your pool, including a test on the underground plumbing.
We will conduct an inspection of various equipment to advise and inform you on the next investment to make on your pool.


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